Collection: Handbags


Direct from Europe’s top brands come these gorgeous collections of leather bags for women. Dash & Joy is simply proud to bring these clutch bags, evening bags, and other leather goods from international brands like Legend, Sticks and Stones, and many more. Designed to evoke the vintage trends of yesteryears, these leather goods get a modern twist that make them all timeless and instant classics. Crafted from fine leather and other sustainable materials sourced responsibly, these leather bags for women will last a lifetime. All bags have practical inside and outsides including pockets and zips with beautiful organic lining.

Dash & Joy is in the frontline of retro-inspired fashion, searching for the latest vintage fashion accoutrements that evoke all things retro. We hunt high and low to offer you the world’s best, creating a unique collection that is truly distinctive and reflective of your taste. We are a proud distributor of brands that understand and appreciate the value and charm of the olden days while still being in sync with today’s trends.