Collection: Sticks and Stones

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STICKS AND STONES - A high quality Dutch leather accessory brand, famous for their super soft and colourful leather bags and timeless designs.

Dash and Joy is the official distributor of Sticks and Stones colour leather bags and their other leather products for Australia and New Zealand. We are very proud to be the one to bring you their leather goods.

It was well into the 80s and 90s that leather jackets and bags were black and brown only. But Sticks and Stones had this novel idea to make colourful leather collections. Sticks and Stones blazed a trail by becoming the first leather brand to offer coloured leather goods. If you’re looking for a 100% leather bag, or a 100% leather wallet, that comes in a variety of colours, Dash & Joy holds a very great selection of leather bags and wallets in colour that have the most impressive details. These colourful designs add character to the products that’s literally a throwback to the good old days but still on-trend as Sticks and Stones put their own modern twist to them.