Collection: Dresses


Reflecting the style and era of the 1940s - 1970s, elegant dresses and vintage style continue to ride the current trends. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Emily Blunt, among others have worn vintage shirt dresses that have caught the attention of many as these dresses highlighted their elegance and grace whether they’re on the red carpet, in a talk show, or celebrating an occasion. Vintage fashion has never really gone out of style. Its current resurgence is a sign of how timeless this kind of fashion is. Just check out the vintage-inspired work wear dresses of Taylor Swift!

Dash & Joy is in the frontline of vintage-inspired fashion, searching for the latest vintage fashion styles that evoke all things retro. We hunt high and low to offer you the world’s best, creating a unique collection that is truly distinctive and reflective of your taste. We are a proud distributor of brands that understand and appreciate the value and charm of the decades gone by while still being in sync with today’s trends.