Collection: Meisie

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Meisie is what happens when two fashion-forward entrepreneurs meet. Founded in 2009 by Noelia Peinado and Marc Sorensen in Barcelona, Meisie clothing embodies of their love for the ethnic, romantic, and bohemian style with a touch of Scandinavian influence. It perfectly reflects the brand identity that the founders have envisioned from the start.

In time, Meisie further evolved and improved on their collection, creating unique designs that are lush in detail, distinctively their own, and most importantly, affordable. Meisie is present in many reputable clothing stores and local fashion fairs. You can also find them in specialised boutiques all over the world. Today, Meisie has become a successful brand worldwide.

Dash & Joy takes pride in being the official distributor of Meisie in Australia and New Zealand. We are honoured to bring you the stylish, quality collections from Meisie. The versatility of the designs inspires you to be creative, when every piece in the collection can be layered so you can create any look that suits your mood.