Woman Clothes On Sale

Dash & Joy brings delight to all women who love vintage apparel with its women’s clothes on sale! Now, you can have all the vintage items you want from Europe’s best brands when it comes to women’s clothes and accessories. Our designer clothes on sale come from limited batches produced by well-regarded brands in Europe like King Louie, Traffic People, Sugarhill Brighton, Legend, Okkia, and many more. So take your time in rummaging through our collection of women’s clothes on sale. For sure, you’ll find something you will love!

Because our lineup of women’s clothing and apparel expands, we will have some of them on sale so check us out regularly. We aim to be your choice of designer clothing store online. From providing you with what’s latest from our regular European partners to what we put out on sale, we commit ourselves to bring you the best vintage collection of women’s clothing that’s made sustainably and responsibly. We believe that fashion should impact the world positively.

Timeless Classics

Because fashion evolves, finding clothing and accessories which can be considered timeless classics can be difficult. But with Dash & Joy, we’ve made it easy by focusing on vintage clothing that offers that distinctive quality of still being on-trend. By carefully selecting what we offer online, we give you the best limited runs from our European suppliers. These are the types of apparel which you can wear anytime, anywhere. Find the pieces that totally reflects your personality. We know what women want, and expressing yourself through fashion is a statement about you, your taste, and your individuality.

Fashion That’s Sustainable

Dash & Joy believes that fashion can be sustainable, where the manufacturing of clothing and apparel are done with respect to the people, environment, and animals. All the products that we carry are made from the finest materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly. We only partner with apparel makers and designers who are aligned with our ideals of being environmentally-conscious. That means we’re all united to reduce our carbon footprint and reducing waste through recycling, reusing, and upcycling. We believe that we can still be fashionable without harming the environment. 

More Than Just A Women’s Vintage Clothing Store

Aside from having a wide variety of vintage apparel for women and other accessories, we also offer exceptional customer service, seasonal women’s clothes on sale that you should keep an eye on (you can enjoy up to 50% off!), free shipping over $150, and a simple and secure payment method through PayPal that lets you use PayPal Balance, a bank account, PayPal Credit, debit or credit cards, and rewards balance. Additionally, if you enter your email to subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get 10% off on your first order!