Vintage-Inspired Cardigans

The warm and comfortable fit of vintage-inspired cardigans is in our carefully curated collection of cardigans from Europe’s finest women’s clothing companies like King Louie and Sugarhill Brighton. Whether they’re pullovers or buttoned, V-neck or round neck, standard or short cardigan outfits, these cardis are made from premium fabric and other sustainable materials featuring hand-illustrated designs and other motifs. We’ve got cardis that you can wear casually or ones that can give you the warmth you need when at work. What makes the selection of cardigans we have online is their vintage flavour that’s still trendy. So if you love that old world charm without being out of place, you’re in for a treat! We might also have something for you in our women’s cardigans sale. Click our sample sale page and find what you’re looking for!

Cardigans are a must for any fashion-conscious woman. Especially if you’re the kind who wants to make a fashion statement. Some even can’t do without them in their closet! That said, Dash & Joy is just happy to give you options to add a number of vintage-style cardis to wear to any occasion. The European brands we have will surely add colour and interest to your outfit. They’re women’s best friends as you can easily wear one to dress up or dress down without sacrificing your comfort. Have a cardigan handy with you always as you’ll never know when there’s a cold draft outside or the air conditioning gets too cold. And yes, cardis are a great topper for summer tank tops. With the great designs we have in our selection, find the ones that will reflect your personality!

The women’s vintage cardigans that Dash & Joy has for its collection features handmade and customised prints straight from the makers themselves. Understand that many of these pieces are made in small batches, therefore they are limitedly produced to promote sustainability and promote slow fashion. This makes every piece from our European brands we distribute limited as well. That’s why we feature a lot of women’s clothing from different brands so that you have many options to choose from. Because of the limited number of the pieces, you will be a part of a select few who’ll be owning a piece from Europe’s premium brands of women’s apparel.

Dash & Joy is proud to be the distributor of brands who care for the environment. All the brands we carry are doing their best to help reduce their carbon footprint in their production line.