Vintage Fashion Store


Dash & Joy is not your ordinary vintage fashion store online, or offline either. You see, we’re doing our best to bring retro vintage women’s fashion in the present, the kind of fashion that’s timeless. One you can even call CLASSIC. While the term “fashion” indicates the zeitgeist of certain eras, there are particular elements that outlive them, and these elements can be found in women’s fashion that others will classify as vintage—but the kind that will never date or go out of style.  

Dash & Joy is proud to be one of the best women’s online clothing stores Australia has, specialising in women’s apparel that captures the old world charm but still remains stylish and fashionable. We believe that style counts a lot and we do our best to source this kind of style from renowned brands from around the world, offering you that sense of originality and authenticity. We pay particular attention to the prints, fit, and quality of the apparel that we choose for our collection.

Fashionably Practical

Aside from their timeless vintage look, the collection of women’s clothing and accessories from Dash & Joy stands out from the rest because the brands that we have are all functional and practical but still fashionable. Whether you are after a look that’s both stylish and sassy, or the kind of look that will show your sexy side and make heads turn, our selection will surely inspire you to dress to impress! Browse through our assortment of tops and bottoms and, for sure, you will find great and awesome buys that suit your fashion sense.

We believe that being fashionable need not be uncomfortable! While many trendy apparel looks good on the female physique, they fit uneasily and can be a very unpleasant experience for you. Wearing something that’s ill-fitted will make you look awkward, aside from feeling awkward! With Dash & Joy’s carefully curated collection of women’s apparel, feeling uncomfortable is a thing of the past. We’re sure you’ll find something that will suit your body perfectly. Just check out our sizing charts by brand. If an items does not fit or is faulty, check out our returns policy and we’ll be happy to replace it with another size, if available, or another item. Please contact us at within 7 days after receiving your order.

Fashionably Eco-Friendly

Dash & Joy is working its way towards being a 100% eco-friendly store. That means we source our items from international companies that share our ideals when it comes to our environment. We want to help the planet reduce as much plastics and waste as we possibly can, reducing our carbon footprint through recycling, reusing, and upcycling. Being fashionable should also be sustainable and eco-friendly; it should not negatively impact our environment.

We believe that having brands that are aligned with our values is always a worthy partnership. It defines, demonstrates, and displays the essence of what Dash & Joy is all about. More than just an online fashion store that carries European brands, we endeavour to promote environmental awareness by partnering with like-minded companies to make our environment and our world better. It’s the least we can do so that the next generations will have something to enjoy in the future. 

We hope to be more than just a vintage fashion store that provides you with products that you will love and enjoy for many years ahead. We want to be an inspiration to everyone, that in our own little way, we can make a positive impact on the environment while still being fashionable.