Trendy Dresses

If you’re one for trendy dresses but with a little twist of vintage, then enjoy browsing Dash & Joy’s carefully selected collection from European brands like King Louie, Sugarhill Brighton, Traffic People, and more! These trendy dress brands bring with them their own unique flavor when it comes to trendy dresses that give you that nostalgia of the good old days. Stand out from the rest without feeling out of place, feel proud and empowered by your sense of individuality. These dresses are made for women who want to have their own kind of fun that reflects their unique personality. Just like how women stood out in the olden days. The fashion of the bygone era isn’t totally over and done with because these global brands and your fashion sense keep it alive!

Vintage fashion hasn’t really gone away. The fact is that you can find many women’s vintage dresses and accessories in local boutiques, charities, online stores and other sites selling second-hand stuff. Unlike other fashion trends that did not experience a comeback of sorts, vintage fashion keeps on returning in one form or another. Its reemergence in popularity can be attributed to celebrities and media where vintage pieces are prevalently displayed or featured. Add to that the consumers’ interest in sustainability and slow fashion, vintage clothing is now in the frontlines for public consumption. Of course, the brands of today are adding their own modern twist to it, keeping their vintage line of dresses trendy.

Many of the vintage dresses you’ll find in our online store have customized prints and limited runs. It’s just one of the come-ons that have made these brands famous and known in their country of origin and in many parts of the world. The pieces themselves have become sought after. If you’re into colorful designs that make you feel comfortable and happy, then King Louie might just have the dress for you! Traffic People specializes in 20s and 30s fashion with a twist if that’s your thing. For timeless yet trendy dresses reminiscent of the 70s and later eras, Sugarhill Brighton has got you covered. All these and more are waiting for you. Carefully picked out from the best of the bunch from the brands that we love.

Dash & Joy is proud to be the distributor of brands who care for the environment. All the brands we carry are doing their best to help reduce their carbon footprint in their production line.