At Sugarhill Brighton our passion is designing fun, stylish clothing that you'll love wearing, using sustainable methods and materials.

In our studios in beautiful Brighton, on the British seaside, our small talented team dedicate themselves to creating flattering easy to wear pieces.

Exclusive hand-drawn prints, embroidery and extra special detailing add to the one-of-a-kind feel of our garments.


In their studios in bustling Brighton, on the British seaside, their designers dedicate themselves to creating flattering easy to wear pieces, adding pretty detailing and exclusive hand-drawn prints.

​This results in truly lovely standout pieces, at a competitive price point and with a boutique "one of a kind" feel.

Since Launching in 2012 the brand can now be found in award-winning independents throughout the UK and worldwide.

Exclusive Prints & Batik

Sugarhill Brighton prints are hand-drawn in our seaside studios. These prints are then transferred digitally to a computer system where colours are added and fabrics are chosen. This illustration process is at the very heart of the Sugarhill brand.

Created by their talented design team, you will not find Sugarhill Brighton prints on products made by anyone else. The conversational prints are often inspired by playful, fun and quirky themes.

Batik is an ancient technique of wax-resist dyeing whereby each garment is perfectly unique. Each garment is hand "stamped" in Bali, Indonesia,
where this specialist technique was developed. This unusual printing process has become a firm favourite with Sugarhill Brighton buyers and reinforces the brands unique and limited feel.

Eco Fabric Options

Organic cotton is grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or any other toxic chemicals.

The eco-conscious methods used in organic farming, support a sustainable environment, helping to maintain soil fertility resulting in 100% natural cotton, with no hidden nasties.

The majority of woven styles are made from viscose, a man-made fibre made from sustainable wood and bamboo pulp. Viscose is known as a "semi-synthetic fibre" to reflect the combination of the natural raw materials and the chemical manufacturing process that turns the pulp
into usable fibres.