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As one of the best online clothing stores for women, Dash & Joy is at the forefront of women’s fashion,  offering the latest, authentic, and original apparel and accessories from international brands like King Louie (Amsterdam), Traffic People (London), Sticks and Stones (Amsterdam), Sugarhill Brighton (UK), Legend Belts and Bags (The Netherlands), Okkia (Italy), and a host of other trendsetting European brands.

With an ever-growing lineup of clothing and accessories, Dash & Joy aims to be your choice of designer clothing store online. We want to stand out from other women’s clothing stores online or offline by providing you with global brands known for their innovativeness and edginess, enabling you to dress up the way you want, from your head down to your toe. We search the world over to give you an amazing, curated collection that transcends fashion trends, bringing out that distinctive sense of style that is totally you.

Designs That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Dash & Joy takes pride in its sense of style honed by years of exposure in the ever-changing world of fashion. It has given us our own distinct quality that is a bit quirky and a bit vintage, yet still modern and suitable for all ages. Our carefully selected collection of clothes and accessories easily reflects this style, the kind that’s never dated so it will never go out of fashion, becoming an instant classic in its own right. Of course, you’d want that look in your wardrobe!

Our selection of all-around basics and essentials will start you off on your fashion journey. Think casual tops like t-shirts and denim pants, summer clothes like shorts and sundresses, and everyday accessories that go with them. Get inspired by our fashion-focused photos showcasing the range of collections we have from casual wear and party dresses to batik and other trendy prints. Mix and match our tops and bottoms to find the right getup for work or for leisure. You can easily find just the thing that you can pair up with your outfit, like bags, belts, hats, and many more!

Anytime, Anywhere Comfortable Clothing

With the finest women’s clothing and accessories from renowned European brands that you can wear anytime, anywhere, Dash & Joy’s carefully curated collection of timeless classics has something for every woman from all walks of life. This means you can find the most suitable apparel that reflects your personality. We understand what women want, and dressing up is one way to make a statement about you, your taste, and your individuality.

We’ve got apparel for women who are always on the go. Easily accomplish that every day professional look for your regular day job when you mix and match from our wide array of casual tops and bottoms. Do the same when you’re going for a date at night or grace a party with your presence. Choose from our colourful selection of dresses to set the mood for a particular occasion. With Dash & Joy’s wide array of designer apparel for women, you’ll go places, fit in comfortably, and be you!

We’ve Got The Top of Tops

Dash & Joy takes pride in its wide array of European designer tops. Find blouses and polo shirts you can wear for your everyday outdoor activity, like long-sleeved tops, short-sleeved polos, and sleeveless shirts. Made for your comfort, our branded tops have that vintage look that come in solid colours and various print designs that are timeless, letting you wear them to any occasion. Let our selection of summer tops make you look and feel fresh; and our cozy collection of coats, jackets, vests, and jumpers will keep you warm during the cold season.

Made from the finest materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly, all our clothing apparel and accessories come from apparel makers and designers who are aligned with our ideals of being environmentally-conscious. That means we’re all united to reduce our carbon footprint and reducing waste through recycling, reusing, and upcycling. We believe that we can still be fashionable without harming the environment.

We’ve Got The Best Of The Bottoms

From shorts to skirts, denims to trousers, Dash & Joy carries a variety of the best bottoms from the best brands in Europe. Classic and stylish, these bottoms can match your top seamlessly. Complete your Outfit Of The Day by deciding on what kind of bottoms best suit the activities for the day. Whatever activity you have in mind, there’s always a pair of shorts or pants that will go with it perfectly. It’s just a matter of creativity to bring out your individuality.

Many of our clothing, apparel, and accessories are made from the finest sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and come from apparel makers and designers who share our environmental values. That means we're all working together to reduce our carbon footprint and waste by recycling, reusing, and upcycling. We believe that we can remain attractive while also protecting the environment.

What More Can You Ask For?

For someone who’s looking for women’s apparel and accessories beyond the local scene, Dash & Joy is one of the online clothing stores you can rely on. We carry widely-recognised European brands like King Louie, Traffic People, Sugarhill Brighton (UK), Okkia (Italy), and many more in the pipeline. These brands are also available at our great stockists around Australia and New Zealand, and if you would like to see these products in person, please email us for the location of your nearest stockist.

Having an extensive collection of women’s fashion and accessories than you can shake a stick at, we also provide excellent customer service and massive occasional sale events which you should keep an eye on (you can enjoy up to 50% off on these sale events!), free shipping over $150, convenient and secure payment method through PayPal which allows you to use PayPal Balance, a bank account, PayPal Credit, debit or credit cards, and rewards balance. And if you sign up to our newsletter by entering your email, you get 10% OFF on your first purchase!