Legend Belts and Bags

Quality leather is legendary. And that’s where Legend belts and bags has made its name, being a well-regarded Dutch leather goods company, providing premium belts and bags across Europe, and now, Australia and New Zealand. Being a proud distributor of Legend, Dash & Joy is very much honoured to offer the top-of-the-line leather goods that are authentic, fashionable, and suitable for women of all ages. Casual and chic, every Legend handbag and belt is a unique piece that easily complements your outfit of the day. Our designers ensure that we are very responsive to fashion trends and forward-looking to what lies ahead, enabling us to produce leather goods that are not only in fashion but can be contemporary classics as well.

Legend bags’ price won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The same with their Legend belts. We have prices our leather goods competitively and within your reach so you get to enjoy world-class quality at affordable prices. It’s one of the reasons why the Legend brand is one of the top brands in the European leather accessories industry. It’s also a big help that Legend produces their products in their own factory. This lessens the cost of production, and yes, helps in minimising their environmental footprint. Which brings us to another reason why Dash & Joy simple loves Legend: the company is eco-friendly.

Sustainable Fashion

Dash & Joy is working hard to become a completely eco-friendly store. That is, we acquire our products from foreign companies that share our environmental values. In our own way, we want to help our environment by reducing, recycling, reusing, and upcycling plastic and waste. This will also help in lowering our carbon footprint that impacts our environment. We promote sustainable fashion, and we believe that fashion should not have a negative impact on our environment.

That’s why we are really proud to bring Legend bags and belts to Australia and New Zealand. The company uses certified sustainable resources of recyclable materials. They do not use exotic leather but leather from livestock only. They source their leather from companies belonging to Leather Working Group, an alliance of companies whose members are focused on reducing the negative impact of leather production on the environment. Legend does not use chrome salts in tanning their products. They observe ethical standards in production and fair trade, striving to ensure that the products they make are with respect for people, the animals, and the environment. That said, buying a Legend product is a step to a sustainable future for all of us!