King Louie Clothing

Vintage-inspired clothing for women is what King Louie clothing is all about. And Dash & Joy is proud to be the official distributor of King Louie clothing in Australia and New Zealand. With new outfits for every season from their creative designers, King Louie gives you colourful designs and handmade prints that are timeless and will always be in fashion. Check out our carefully curated collection like our dresses and blouses, cardigans and jackets, tops and trousers, and many more. For sure, you will find something that will perfectly suit the old spirit in you. You may also want to check out what we have in our King Louie clothing sale.

Classic and at the same time contemporary, King Louie gives you that timeless look rather than a dated one, totally bringing out your sense of fashion that highlights your individuality. That’s basically the essence of what King Louie women’s fashion is all about. Clothes that make women happy and feel good about themselves. Add to that the comfort of a great fit and the unique prints that they have that are evocative of an era gone by, the awesome collection that we have will make you feel the brand’s essence of freedom, optimism, and individuality.

Sustainable Fashion

Dash & Joy is working hard to become a completely eco-friendly store. That is, we acquire our products from foreign companies that share our environmental values. In our own way, we want to help our environment by reducing, recycling, reusing, and upcycling plastic and waste. This will also help in lowering our carbon footprint that impacts our environment. We promote sustainable fashion, and we believe that fashion should not have a negative impact on our environment.

Fortunately, there’s King Louie, a famed clothing store in Amsterdam who shares our values. Having brands that are aligned with our values like them is always a worthy partnership. It defines, demonstrates, and displays the essence of what Dash & Joy is all about. More than just an online fashion store that carries European brands, we endeavour to promote environmental awareness by partnering with like-minded companies to make our environment and our world better. It’s the least we can do so that the next generations will have something to enjoy in the future.

For the best King Louie clothing that you will love and enjoy for many years ahead, always check out Joy & Dash!