Eco Friendly Fashion Brands

Dash & Joy takes pride in supporting slow fashion. As such, we only have eco friendly fashion brands in store. As one of the few eco friendly clothing stores online, we only partner with companies who share our environmental values. By doing so, we help the environment in our own way by reducing, recycling, reusing, and upcycling plastic and waste. Ethical and responsible way of creating fashion is one way to a better future. This will help in lessening the impact of our carbon footprint, paving the way for a circular economy that will support a sustainable future for all of us.

Currently, our eco friendly fashion brands include King Louie (Amsterdam), Traffic People (London), Sticks and Stones (Amsterdam), Sugarhill Brighton (Bali and Sussex), Legend (The Netherlands), Okkia (Italy), and a host of other trendsetting European brands that we will be featuring very soon. Having brands that create eco friendly fashion accessories and clothing is proof that fashion can be environmentally friendly. Choosing clothing companies that are aligned with our values is always a worthy partnership. It defines, demonstrates, and displays the essence of what Dash & Joy is all about.

For example, the leather goods that we source from these European companies do not use exotic leather; they use leather from livestock. They do not use chrome salts in tanning the leather. As for the clothing apparel we carry, our European brands create them from sustainable resources as well, from sustainable materials of the fabric itself to the organic materials used to hand paint them. Ethically produced, the products manufactured adhere to fair trade practices too. The clothing and apparel companies all strive to ensure that the products are manufactured with respect for the people, the animals, and the environment.

Dash & Joy hopes to be more than just a vintage fashion store that provides women with pieces that they will love and enjoy for many years ahead. We want to be an inspiration to everyone, that in our own little way, we can make a positive impact on the environment while still being fashionable.