Casual Classy Jumpsuit

Nothing beats the look of a casual classy jumpsuit that’s a mix of vintage and contemporary fashion. And that’s just what Dash & Joy has with our carefully curated collection of jumpsuits. Find that comfy overall jumpsuit that you’ll definitely wear over and over again—that’s how comfortable it gets! Looking for that kind of vintage jumpsuit women’s section should have but can’t find it? We’re sure you’ll find it here! We’ve got jumpsuits that mix the trends of yesteryears with the contemporary fashion of today, giving that unique vintage look without making you feel out of place when you wear them. That’s the kind of style Dash & Joy is always on the lookout for when selecting European brands to bring to Australia and New Zealand. Brands like King Louie, Sugarhill Brighton, and more. Brands that make women be comfortable in their own skin. Brands that bring out the best versions of the women who wear them. And most of all, brands that create sustainable fashion for a cleaner environment.

Women will love our jumpsuits. We’ve got quite a selection that you can choose from, with designs and cuts that are made for any occasion. That’s how versatile our jumpsuits are. You can easily put them on and take them off. It can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what’s needed by the occasion. And they’re quite comfortable to wear too! Just find the ones with belts and adjustable straps, then you’re ready to roll. And with that vintage look that’s still on-trend, your jumpsuit of choice is making a fashion statement that totally expresses your individuality. Check out our collection of jumpsuits. We’ve organised our website for your convenience so you can shop per brand or per category. For what’s on sale, check out our Sample Sale page! Finding the right size won’t even be a problem as we have size charts per brand. If you’re not sure which size to choose, we’ll help you. Just drop us a line at

The casual classy jumpsuit that Dash & Joy has for its collection features handmade and customised prints straight from the makers themselves. Understand that many of these pieces are made in small batches, therefore they are limitedly produced to promote sustainability and promote slow fashion. This makes every piece from our European brands we distribute limited as well. That’s why we feature a lot of women’s clothing from different brands so that you have many options to choose from. Because of the limited number of the pieces, you will be a part of a select few who’ll be owning a piece from Europe’s premium brands of women’s apparel. 

Dash & Joy is proud to be the distributor of brands who care for the environment. All the brands we carry are doing their best to help reduce their carbon footprint in their production line.