Women's Wallet Sale

Marvel at Dash & Joy’s awesome collection of leather goods. Sometimes we have women’s wallet sale that features the best brands that we have. You might even find that vintage wallet for women you’ve been looking for in our selection. The classic women’s wallets that we bring in from Europe’s finest leather brands are created to match any type of getup you have. We have wallets that are just perfect for that dinner party you’re going to. We also have ones which you can use every day. Choose from a variety of colours that will match your mood as well.

Dash & Joy is just happy to bring to Australia and New Zealand these leather wallets from Europe’s top brands! Made from fine, vintage leather and other sustainable materials, these wallets are made to last a lifetime. These wallets are all designed by their respective manufacturers inhouse observing ethical processes in producing leather goods. From sourcing livestock leather rather than exotic leather to vegetable tanning processes on eco leather, the leather goods are not really mass produced that it will have a negative impact on the environment.

Dash & Joy only partners with companies who are aligned with our vision of fashion that is responsible and sustainable. Therefore, many of the apparel and accessories we carry online are created using ecofriendly and sustainable materials. We think it's possible to be stylish without endangering the environment.

Dash & Joy carries number of well-known European brands, including Okkia (Italy), Traffic People, Sugarhill Brighton (Bali and Sussex), and King Louie. These brands are also offered by our fantastic retailers in Australia and New Zealand; if you'd like to visit one of them in person, send us an email and we'll give you the address of the one closest to you.

Keep your eyes peeled as we usually have our women’s wallet sale from time to time. The same goes for our apparel and other accessories as well.  We also offer exceptional customer service, huge seasonal sale events that you should keep an eye on (you can enjoy up to 50% off!), free shipping over $150, and a simple and secure payment method through PayPal that lets you use PayPal Balance, a bank account, PayPal Credit, debit or credit cards, and rewards balance. Additionally, if you enter your email to subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll get 10% off on your first order!