Sticks and Stones Bags

Straight from Amsterdam, Sticks and Stones bags and other leather goods are now in Australia and New Zealand! This innovative leather brand became famous for introducing colourful leather collections in the 80s and 90s when leather goods like bags and jackets were either brown or black. The innovation inspired Sticks and Stones to come up with leather goods of various colours and designs, taking not only Amsterdam by storm but the international market as well. From their humble beginnings in Waterlooplein, Amsterdam’s former fashion capital, to their current offices at the World Fashion Centre, the world’s largest fashion trading centre housing local and international fashion brands, Sticks & Stones has come a long way indeed.

Dash & Joy is honoured to be the official distributor of Sticks and Stones bags in Australia and New Zealand. Now, you get to enjoy the vintage feel of each leather product that we have in our selection that underscores your impeccable taste in timeless fashion. The bags’ impressive detail is a sight to behold and the colourful designs are a throwback to days past but still on-trend, giving off that fresh vibe that complements your sense of style. Built to the highest standards, the bags have the best zips and fasteners and feature smartly-placed pockets. Adding to the timelessness look of the bags is their sturdy build that will last a lifetime, ageing beautifully and becoming your lifelong treasures. Perhaps you might be interested with our ongoing Sticks and Stones bags sale?

Sustainable Fashion

Dash & Joy is working hard to become a completely eco-friendly store. That is, we acquire our products from foreign companies that share our environmental values. In our own way, we want to help our environment by reducing, recycling, reusing, and upcycling plastic and waste. This will also help in lowering our carbon footprint that impacts our environment. We promote sustainable fashion, and we believe that fashion should not have a negative impact on our environment.

Dash & Joy is proud to have Sticks and Stones bags and leather products as one of our apparel and accessories partners. Being aligned with our environmental values, their production process ensures that their products are made ethically and sustainably as possible. They strive to provide fair, social, healthy, and safe conditions for their workers and source from carefully selected suppliers that share their standards and values when it comes to fair trade practice. Very much like Dash & Joy. They continuously strive to find ways to become eco-friendly. That said, every Sticks and Stones product you buy is a step to a sustainable future for all of us!