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Mademoiselle YeYe

Mademoiselle YéYé. The brand is named after a particular genre pop music from France, which was very popular in the sixties. You’ll feel like you’re going back in time when wearing these retro gems! Which vintage lover wouldn’t get that feeling? ''Ohh YéYé!’'


Their feminine and playful collections are made in Europe and each season the way of making the fabrics grow more sustainable. 

Fair and Vegan since the beginning 

Bonjour YeYe

Mademoiselle YeYe is a colorful and cheerful fashion brand founded in 2013 in Stuttgart Germany!


 Self created patterns and prints are their passion! 


They draw inspiration from music,film and bygone eras and everywhere in between, be it a casual striped shirt look or Francoise hardy or the sweet and sour color palette of Wes Anderson. 


Modern Vintage is their credo   

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